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Isabelle et Didier Legay
La Monnerie
61100 Cerisy-Belle-Etoile
Distillerie La Monnerie
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We are Normans by birth and we are attached to our Norman Switzerland. The landscape that Normandy offers us each season is of great beauty. So let's preserve this richness that allows us to live and work in this territory that we love so much.

Our values

Tradition since 1920 "The moment you enter our cellars, the smell will ask you: should you remain silent and taste, or speak up and share? The Distillerie La Monnerie welcomes you to Suisse Normande in Cerisy Belle Etoile, in the heart of the Orléans bocage marked by the presence of tall orchards. The history of our family is in fact that of a family of distillers for 3 generations. Come and discover the slow transformation of the apple into Calvados with our productions of very old calvados, cider and apple brandy from Normandy. The Distillery La Monnerie, a house rich in tradition, opens its doors to you with great friendliness all year round. We welcome you in a bucolic and authentic setting where our calvados age quietly. We invite you into our world where tradition and quality remain the concerns of our family since 1920.